Mike Vanderfield began his career in the film industry as a technician in a film processing lab in North Ryde. Absorbed by the world of film stocks, filters, fixers, exposure and dot gain, he became bored.

A chance shot saw him awarded one of nine graduate traineeships on offer in Australia under the fledging AFA program and he landed unwittingly at the iconic Mojo Advertising in Paddington in the Halcyon days. 

After a stint at Broadcom Studios in Sydney producing TVCs for Nene King’s Woman’s Day magazine, Mike moved to New Zealand to head up the production of Mojo, Auckland. Rumour has it Auckland was an unscheduled stopover en route from Peru where he walked away from of a fatal plane crash.

From 1994-1997 Vanderfield was a partner in Kinomontage Productions and worked with director Lance Kelleher producing numerous award winning TVCs. In 1998 he partnered with Tim Gibbs to start 8 Commercials, which became like a 3rd child.

8 Commercials quickly became one of Australia’s most respected TVC production companies, winning over 80 local and international craft awards and employing hundreds (if not thousands) of producers, directors, designers, DOPs, production crew, actors, film technicians, editors, post people, office personnel and random hangers on from all over the planet.

Personal film projects include award winning documentaries including “Searching for Michael Peterson” (2009) and “ Whilewewatch” (2012) about the role of social media in the Occupy Wall St protests.

After 20 years of running a high turn over production company, Mike has now taken a back seat in the day to day running of the company, leaving it in the capable hands of co-owners Katie Millington and Josh Frizzell. He now teaches Pilates.